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Stanley has been a part of great stories in life and the outdoors since 1913. So we weren’t surprised when we started showing up in other stories — in the background of film and TV (check out our running list of 40+ on IMDB). After all these years, you’ve probably seen us. You just may not have known it. There’s only one way to find out.

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Can you name these Stanley Sightings in TV and film?


A damn fine cup of coffee

Twin Peaks
Total Recall
Walking Dead

Three female detectives with beauty, brains, and Stanley bottles foil an evil plot with the help of their boss-in-a-voicebox.

Moulin Rouge
CSI Miami
Charlie's Angels

Friends don't lie

The Goonies
Stand By Me
Stranger Things
Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Five Wisconsin teens and a foreign exchange student grow up and get by in the 70’s with a Stanley bottle and plenty of polyester.

That 70's Show
How I Met Your Mother
Modern Family

yada, yada, yada...

Home Improvement
Everybody Loves Raymond

An animated family with a talking dog and a Stanley bottle goes from one politically incorrect adventure to the next.

Family Guy
The Simpsons
South Park
Bob's Burgers

I believe you have my stapler

The Office
Tommy Boy
Office Space
The Intern

Before shipping out to Vietnam, three friends head off for one last deer hunt with a Stanley. After that day, things would never be the same.

Top Gun
Deer Hunter
Good Will Hunting

Females are strong as hell

30 Rock
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Orange is the New Black
The Good Place

Make it happen

Dirty Dancing
16 Candles
The Breakfast Club

In prohibition era Atlantic City, one man controls everything along the boardwalk—politicians, mobsters, and Stanley bottles.

The Godfather
Boardwalk Empire
Peaky Blinders

S'all good, man

Better Call Saul
The Sopranos
Law & Order
A Few Good Men

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